Luxury Brand Management

Studying Luxury Brand Management

For many, France is synonymous with luxury. It’s no wonder given that it is the birthplace of brands like Dior, Hermès, Cartier, Novotel and Chanel? These are French upscale and luxury brands operating in fashion, accessories, and jewellery and retail and hospitality sectors.

Luxury brands don’t operate in the same way as any ordinary, low-cost brands. Their branding, product production and quality, retail and distributions adhere to the highest possible standards. All of this is evident from the shop windows of the top-end brands. By studying luxury brand management you will develop top-notch skills in marketing, management, advertising, design and customer insights. You will be able to work at some of the world’s leading luxury brands and enjoy a rewarding and glamorous career.

Most courses require you complete a semester-long internship. This is a great chance to gain relevant work experience and build a professional network in France.

Some of the most sought-after French universities, colleges and institutes you could study at are:

  • Skema School of Business
  • College de Paris
  • Rennes School of Business
  • INSEEC Business School
  • ESLSCA Business school
  • ISC Paris

Salary and Career Prospects

Luxury brand management graduates find work in fashion houses, hotels, retail outlets, factories and the media.

Some of the wide-ranging roles they take up are Brand Manager, Marketing Manager, Fashion Accounts Manager, Customer Relations Manager, Merchandising Manager and Sales and Marketing Officer.

Salaries vary based on job role, experience, qualifications, skills and location. As a guide, luxury brand management professionals earn around €43,000 year (34 lakhs INR).

Why study in France?

France is a popular study destination for international students. Some of French universities are several centuries old and are held in high esteem across the world.

The country is one of the largest economies in both Europe and the world. It has spawned conglomerates like Airbus, AXA, BNP Paribas and Capgemini. In addition to these, several tech, banking and financial services giants like Google, HSBC and Microsoft operate out of here.

France is the most visited country in the world and is the fashion, food, wine and art capital of the world. French cuisine, fashion, literature and films have a strong influence on rest of the world. Brands like Chanel, Dior, L’Oreal are French in origin. France hosts world-famous events like Cannes Film Festival and Tour de France

Paris, the capital of France, is among the world’s biggest and most beautiful cities. It has spectacular museums and art galleries, grand hotels, cafes and restaurants, luxury retail stores and literature and film houses.

French is the national language, although people living in big cities can speak English to varying degrees of fluency.

International students are able to apply for a post study work permit lasting up to 2 years.